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Humification process improvement with Black Humus: 10 times better climate balance, more than 500 kg CO2/m³ stored

NUTRIENT CYCLE WORKED 160 YEARS AGO up to the industrial age

The project "Nachwachsende Windeln" (Regenerative Diapers) is based on the production of "black humus" (Terra Preta), a product of indigenous soil management hundreds of years ago near the Amazon: the soil is still fertile today, with rich humus and a layer thickness of more than 1 metre (usual humus layer thickness in Europe up to 30 cm).


This rich humus also requires less irrigation and fertilization (higher water retention due to the  vegetable charcoal), which leads to the preservation of organic nutrients in the soil (withstands leaching)

Fertile soil is lost 10 to 100 times faster in comparison to new growth rate*
  • Quality of all soils has deteriorated by 25%. In the last 25 years: replenishment rate of 1-2,5 cm/100 years

  • 40% of global greenhouse gases are caused by today's agricultural and food production

  • Extinction of species:

    • Nitrogen, potassium salts and pesticides contaminate fields and oceans

    • Out of control nitrogen and phosphorus cycle

  • Industrial agriculture destroys soils permanently

  • Biogas plants simplify the multiplication of bacteria in slurry

* 🕮 Scheub, Ute, et al. Terra Preta: die schwarze Revolution aus dem Regenwald; mit Klimagärtnern die Welt retten und gesunde Lebensmittel produzieren. Oekom, 2017

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